For now, this is only a short draft for an idea that should turn out to be a 1-2h game. eh..."game".

I am still trying to determine if it's going to be 2d or 3d, or even an hybrid for that matter (probably the latter if you ask me).

So, it goes like:

"what follows is not a story. [edited]. My dreams are simply events that happened to me while i slept, and i will attempt to share them as accurately as my memory and daily notes permit."

Then into specifics of said dreams, im still trying to find the tone:

"for the last 20 years, i almost solely had [edited]. it is always the end of the afternoon, light is a crude yellow, everything is brown, beige and dirty white. places are confusing, are not clearly defined and ressemble nothing i know. i only find strangers."

Then real serious, like, caplock serious!:


obviously, i don't dream in platforming, so i do take liberties in a few important ways:

  • the  visual style, etc.
  • the way i translate the dream logic in game logic (like the bugs examples above, to express distress, not a 1:1 thing)
  • the order in which individual dreams appear and the transition in between 
  • the music, probably

so enjoy, if possible, the little that i share for now.


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